MBSR Mindfulness Training. In English!


  • Start: Thursday 26 September 2024
  • Location: De Roos, Vondelpark Amsterdam
  • Time: 19:00 – 21:30 hours
Do you recognize this: you have your life pretty much in order, but your busy schedule is costing you too much energy. You don’t want to change your whole life, you just want the tools to help you deal with stress and the busyness of daily life.

What you are looking for is a calm mind so that you can make better life choices and that you can enjoy the things you do and the people you’re with.

This MBSR Mindfulness training can help you master the skill of mindfulness and integrate it into your personal and work-life. Step by step you will come to a happy healthy life without (unneccessary) stress.

Start English MBSR Mindfulnesstraining: Thursday 26 September, 2024



What we do

During eight meetings you will master the meditation technique and principles of Mindfulness and you will learn how to apply it to your daily life. Education, meditation and movement exercises alternate. There is also room for feedback and the exchange of experiences.

We use the MBSR mindfulness handbook and you will also receive four audio files for home practice. There is a free 30-minute mindfulness introductory session (by phone) in which you get an idea about what mindfulness can do for you.

What you get:
  • 8 sessions of 2½ hours (19:00 – 21:30).
  • Practice day of 4 hours (10:00 – 14:00).
  • Workbook MBSR Mindfulness training with education and exercises.
  • 4 Audio files for home practice
  • Free introductionary call of 30 minutes. 

Mindful living is a function of the mind. Just like learning to speak a new language. Everybody can do it.

What will you learn

  • You will learn how to observe and accept thoughts and emotions as ‘passing events’, so that they no longer have a grip on you.
  • You become more aware of automatic thought and behaviour patterns and you will learn how to let go or change the patterns that are blocking you.
  • You will learn how to be in the moment and how to enjoy it (instead of always be in your mind worrying about the future, ruminating about the past).
  • You will learn how to make (life) choices the suit you and the situation better.
  • You will learn how to listen to your body (instead of always being in your head) so that you feel better what you need, what you like and what is best for you. This also helps you to set your borders. 
  • You will learn how to deal with the information overload and the many expectations that come your way, at work and privately.
  • Your mind will calm down and you will experience more peace and happiness.

    Practical information


    We start 2 times a year in Amsterdam. Always at the beginning and at the end of the year. The dates of the next training are:

    • Thursday 26 September until 28 November 2024
      There is no session on 24 October and 14 November. 
    • There is a day of practice on Sunday 27 October 2024
    • Because it is a rich training with a lot of material for practice, there is two times an extra week between the sessions. This gives you extra time to practice on your own and learn how to implement mindfulness in your daily life.
    • Evening sessions: 19:00 – 21:30 uur
    • Practice day: 10:00 – 14:00 uur (time to be finalized)

    We train on one of these two training locations:

    • Trainingscentrum De Roos, P.C. Hooftstraat 183, Amsterdam (In Vondelpark. Just after the entrance from PC Hooftstraat, the first large white building on your left).
    • Our MettaMind Studio at the Derde Helmersstraat in Amsterdam.
    • Private individuals: € 425,- (excl. VAT. Incl. that will be € 514.25).
    • Companies: €997,- (excl. VAT. Incl. that will be €1203.37).

    The MBSR mindfulness training is reimbursed by your insurer, if it is included in your package. Often an amount between € 100 and € 350. You can check it at zorgwijzer.nl > More and more employers are also seeing the importance of mindfulness in the workplace, so it can be valuable to discuss this with your employer.


    About Wineke, your trainer and mentor

    I have been involved in mindfulness for many years now, but it hasn’t always been that way. Before I started MettaMind, I worked for 17 years as a marketing/ communication advisor in the corporate world, for e.g. Sanoma Uitgevers, Rabobank, City of The Hague and MSL/Publicis, one of the largest communication agencies in the world.

    At the gym I came into contact with yoga and soon after that with mindfulness meditation. It initially helped me to handle stress, but it brought so much more. I started to make better life choices and it gave me the possibility organize my life in a way that made me happy and fulfilled. It looked like everything that I had ever longed for came my way.

    Enthused by the power of mindfulness, I decided to study with the best teachers, I followed countless silent retreats (still do) and I educated myself as a mindfulness teacher training at the IvM, the pioneers of mindfulness in the Netherlands.

    A career switch seemed inevitable and I founded my own company mettaMind. My goal with MettaMind is to share all the lessons, research and insights of the ancient traditions of meditations, mindfulness, yoga and Ayurveda to make your life a happier and healthier place in which you get to do the things you love and can be with the people you care for.


    Jouw trainer Wineke

    What students say

    “It was a great training! and Wineke is a winner! I was afraid it would be very vague and way to spiritual, but I was wrong. The 8 Tuesdays and the day of practice were a fantastic gift to myself”.

    Eline | Manager

    “An absolute must for anyone who wants to get of the express train, in order to start enjoying life”.

    Marijke | Marketeer

    “After a few lessons I discovered the power of meditation. The attention for breathing and feeling my body have become new elements in my daily life. This helps me to feel happy and relaxed while having a stressful live”.

    J.G. | Entrepreneur

    Frequently asked questions

    How do I know if mindfulness works?

    This is a scientifically based training. Research into the effects of mindfulness is still booming and the results are very positive. If you do a google search you will come across a large number of impressive results. You can also look at the positive experiences of the many who have gone before us. So many that you can now speak of a worldwide ‘Mindfulness Movement’. 

    I am way to restless. Is mindfulness suitable for me?

    Mindfulness is a skill that everybody can learn. Just as well as you can learn how to speak a new language or how to play an instrument. It’s no rocket science. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest. It starts with paying attention to the breath. 

    I am not sure if I like the group process. Is this training suitable for me?

    The advantage of training in a group is that you can support each other, learn from each other and above all that you see that you are not the only one who sometimes struggles with his/her thoughts. Moreover, it is very powerful to meditate together. Also, it’s not therapy where we talk endlessly about personal issues and everyone decides for themselves if and what they want to share.

    I get the impression Mindfulness is good for everything... That seems to me a bit exaggerated. What's up with that?

    Mindfulness has a lot to offer. I have experienced it myself and have seen it with my students. But mindfulness is not a magic pill that will take you to paradise from one moment to the next. You must be willing to open up and be with yourself on a regular basis in silence, without distraction. More is really not necessary. With confidence in the process, mindfulness will do its job on its own. If you are in a difficult period and/or have depressive thoughts and feelings, please contact me. Then we’ll see if this is the right time.

    Why do we always have to 'go inside'? I'm not sure I want to go there...

    Stress arises in your head and that is where you can stop it. The thinkg you try to do outside might feel great at the moment, but it’s all temporary. Please don’t worry about it. Going inside won’t drive you crazy and it won’t kill you. You are just in unfamiliar territory and that can be a bit exciting at times. But in the end it will pay off!

    Isn't mindfulness a bit vague?

    On the contrary. It is a practical and scientifically based method. During the training you create a ‘laboratory setting’ in which you can examine your mind. Through this research you will discover how your mind works and which choices you need to make in everyday life to improve the quality of your life. Nothing vague about that right? Ps Also the Dalai Lama calls meditation ‘scientific research’. 

    I am very sensitive to stimuli. Does this training help me with this?

    Especially if you are sensitive ( I am too), this training can help you. You will learn how to focus on what is important for you and to ignore that information that is too much for you.

    Looking for personal guidance?

    Are you interested in a mindfulness training but would you like to get personal guidance? To get tips and advice that are all about you and to find solutions to your ‘problems’ (without being distracted by the stories of others, perhaps because you are already so busy taking care of others in daily life?).

    And do you have a super busy life and has the training be aligned with your schedule because you just don’t have the time for weekly evening sessions?

    Then our individual mindfulness training might be something for you. We follow the curriculum of the MBSR Mindfulness group training and tailor it to your personal situation and schedule it based on your availability.


    • Individuals: € 997,- (excl. vat. Incl.vat it will be € 1203,37).
    • Companies: € 1350,- (excl. vat. Incl vat it will be €1633,50).
    • Studio METTAMIND
      Derde Helmersstraat 70-2, Amsterdam

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